This story goes all the way back to the distant days of art school. "CheeziePoof." I know, I know. It’s quite a random title for a website. But it’s actually not just a website name. It’s my nickname. :) And it actually stuck with me because it’s so random. Kinda like me, really.

A key aspect of who I am is who I have in my life and the closely knit bonds that I have with each of them. Friends. Family. Even pets. That being said, the nickname CheeziePoof comes from my good friend MaryGrace at a time when we were both in college in different parts of the state.

I remember the night quite well. I was in my apartment down in Irvine studying for some sort of Art History exam trying to make my way through a paper on an interpretation of René Magritte’s The Son of Man. Mary, in her own apartment at UCDavis, called and the conversation went, very literally, like this:

Mary: JONJON! (Another nickname, this one stemming from my childhood)

Me: Hello?


Me: …excuse me?


Me: I...what?!

Mary: I’m watching South Park right now and Cartman’s eating cheezy poofs and talking about how he loves cheezy poofs and for some reason I thought of you. BECAUSE YOU’RE MY CHEEZIEPOOF! (Now say that sentence in one breath. Because that’s how she said it. In one breath.)

Me: What?


Me: So… you're saying I’m a fat kid with an eating disorder? You really know how to make me feel good about myself.

Mary: No, no! You’re the cheezy poof! YOU’RE MY CHEEZIEPOOF!

Me: So… I’m an imitation-cheese snack?

Mary: YES! YOU’RE MY CHEEZIEPOOF! Okay, love you. BYE!

[ hangs up ]

Me: Hello?

Mind you, the entire exchange took just under a minute. Actually, now that that I think about it, I have to question whether MaryGrace was under the influence of something. [shrug] I’ll have to ask her at some point. Anyway, since then I was perfectly content to let that conversation fade into memory, filed under the “Random as F*@%” category. But Mary... She wouldn’t let it go. And it spread to the rest of my core friends. Like wildfire. I don’t know why. And now it’s stuck. So, why not use it for my website? And I did.

I know, it’s not as epic as it could have been… like Trey Parker and Matt Stone (the creators of South Park) giving me the nickname themselves after some stunt, say... my winning a who-can-eat-the-most-cheetos contest or something. But, nope. It’s just a nickname from one of my best friends. :) The end.

Thanks for joining Story Time with the CheeziePoof. No refunds.


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    Mary Grace12 May
    Whatever. You love me. :)
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      Jon12 May
      Sure. Maybe. Why not? :P

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